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Get ready for your U.S. Citizenship Interview!

Mar 19, 2018

Happy Spring! Before we begin today's interview, I encourage you to visit the updated homepage. Of particular note are their self-service tools under the Tool header. You can easily file your N-400 online, check your case status, check application processing times, and access many other services.

In honor of Persian New Year, we are going to revisit an practice Citizenship interview that I recorded in 2007 with a fellow ESL teacher and great friend, Nilou from Isfahan, Iran. Every year, Teacher Nilou sets up a Haft-Seen in her classroom, a special table with seven fruits. Students enjoy learning about Nowruz, a holiday that is widely celebrated in western Asia, middle-eastern communities in America, and even in the White House. Check the show notes for more citizenship resources in Farsi.

uscitizenpod: A Basic Citizenship Interview with Pari Akibari (Esfahan, Iran) (mp3)
This was the original recording was re-mastered for today's podcast. Note: N-400 Part 10 is now N-400 Part 12 and the Civics questions are obsolete (ex: George W Bush was the current president in 2007). 

uscitizenpod: 2016 Spring Citizenship Interview with Ali Akbari (Iran/Malaysia) (mp3)
A practice citizenship interview recorded in honor of Persian New Year (2016)

uscitizenpod: Citizenship Interview Quiz for Presidents’ Week 2017: Hushang Ansary (Iran) (pdf)
A citizenship multiple-choice quiz based on the N-400 Application for Naturalization plus 10 civics questions.

More Citizenship Resources in Honor of Nowruz