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Get ready for your U.S. Citizenship Interview!

Apr 16, 2017

Happy Pascha! A Citizenship Quiz in Honor of Eastern Orthodox Christian Americans

I wrote this quiz for several reasons. First, to honor Central/Eastern European-American Heritage. Second, to showcase the diversity in the American christian community. Third, to celebrate Easter.

In the past, Western Christians and the Eastern Orthodox have been divided by religion, history, and politics, but as Americans, we are united as one people, and this year, we are celebrating Easter on the same day.

I would also like to introduce, Branka and Tony, from Canada and the former Yugoslavia. Branka is a longtime colleague who currently Projects Coordinator for OUTREACH AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE NETWORK ( and recently became a new US ciitizen.

Quiz answers:

  1. Colonists came to America for freedom.
  2. Freedom of religion is that you can practice any religion or not practice a religion.
  3. America bought the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803.
  4. The two parts of the US Congress are the Senate and the House of Representatives
  5. Dianne Feinstein is one of the two US senators from the state of California.
  6. Donald Trump is the current President of the United States.
  7. Mike Pence is the current Vice-President of the United States.
  8. Jerry Brown is the current Governor of California.
  9. The two major political parties are Democratic and Republican parties.
  10. The President's Cabinet advises the President.
  11. Ro Khanna is the US Representative of San Jose/Milpitas, California.
  12. Two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy are join a civic group and join a community group.


EXTRA CREDIT: Listen to a great interview with Vlade Divac!