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Get ready for your U.S. Citizenship Interview!

Aug 7, 2019

iCount! An Intetrview with the San Mateo Adult School Census Ambassador Team

Today we will continue our series:
U.S. Citizenship and the 2020 Census

San Mateo County is partnering with the San Mateo Adult School to pilot a Census Ambassador training program, which will be launched across the county in Fall 2019.

In the previous podcast, we interviewed Aparna Ramakrishnan from the San Mateo County Census Team. In this interview, we hear from the San Mateo Adult School Ambassador team.

Alena Bashko, student
Marina Zabruskova, student
Shelley Cheng, Student Council President (morning session)
Shereen Lata, Student Council Vice-President (morning session)
Shirley Pinheiro, student
Stephanie Kriebel, SMAS Census Ambassador Faculty Co-facilitator

San Mateo Adult School

This episode timeline

  • 00:00 Podcast Intro
  • 00:30 SMAS Census Ambassadors Intro
  • 03:18 How you recruited to become a Census Ambassador?
  • 04:04 What kind of class training was involved with becoming a Census Ambassador?
  • 04:41 Why does the county want to know how many people live here?
  • 05:38 Who taught/trained you to become a Census Ambassador?
  • 07:09 Is there any fear/concern about the Census?
  • 07:34 "What are you going to do with the information?"
  • 08:01 "Why are you asking me?"
  • 08:39 How is the Census process different this year?
  • 09:15 What was your experience of the Census in your home country?
  • 11:04 Is it difficult to talk to a stranger? How do you make people more comfortable?
  • 11:50 "I have a complicated living situation..."
  • 12:48 The Citizenship Question is dropped, but legal status info can be accessed via Federal agencies
  • 16:22 Do you have any advice for Adult School to participate/start in a a Census Ambassador program?
  • 17:50 When are the a Census Ambassador going out into the community in the upcoming year?
  • 19:12 What are the objectives of the Census Ambassador program?
  • 21:17 Planned Census Ambassador outreach events
  • 21:57 What is an individual a Census Ambassador plan?
  • 22:09 Can Adult Schools contact you? (see below for contact info)
  • 22:33 Photos! Thanks! Good-bye!

For more more info about the San Mateo Adult School Census Ambassador training program, see

or contact
Aparna Ramakrishnan
San Mateo County Census Team
400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 363-1800  @SMC_CommAffairs

I will be chopping up both interview with Aparna Ramakrishnan and the SMAS Census Ambassadors, and posting the subtitled videos to the uscitizenpod YouTube channel.


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MORE: Promotional Materials and Guidelines Educational Resources

For more info about the Census, listen to Hansi Lo Wang, NPR
Or follow him on Twitter @hansilowang

Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC) (Shirley Pinheiro volunteers here!)
Offers mediation services for landlord/tenant and neighbor/neighbor disputes and training for community organizations.