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Get ready for your U.S. Citizenship Interview!

Sep 5, 2018

Every week, we bring you practice interviews, quizzes, resources,
and the latest news that help you get ready for your US
citizenship interview.

Before we begin, we would like to note that the Senatei s discussing the nomination for the next Supreme Court justice. Please follow the debate and vote on You can also use the Countable app to contact your Senators and make your opinion known about this issue and other upcoming legislation.

Today we will listen to our second interview with Officer David. You can download the Basic Citizenship Interview at and practice with a classmate, friend, or family member. Let's get started!

A Basic Citizenship Interview based on the USCIS Revised N-400 (2pgs, 38 qs)
vocab ppt:
pdf: N-400r Basic Interview Quiz Part 01 to Part 11 (new url)
pdf: N-400r Basic Interview Quiz Part 12 (new url)

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Order "US Citizenship Bootcamp: Exercises and Quizzes to Pass the
Naturalization Interview" by Jennifer Gagliardi