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Get ready for your U.S. Citizenship Interview!

May 31, 2007

Today we will listen to a quick update about the new USCIS fees starting July 30, 2007.

Here's a Class Handout: Summary of the New Fees.

Here is another Class Handout: "Sending Your N-400 to USCIS".

Please note that there are four pages: one page for each USCIS Service Center in California, Texas, Nebraska, and Vermont.

Please confirm that you are using the correct page for your state.

Originally, I put the information for all four USCIS Service Centers and their assigned states on a single sheet of paper.

When I gave the single sheet of paper to my students, they became confused.

The print was too tiny and there was too much information.

I re-formatted the information and printed the Summary of the New Fees on the first side and Sending Your N-400 to USCIS on the second side.

I printed the information on color paper so they can find this paper quickly and easily.  Many students took extra copies home for their family and friends.