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Get ready for your U.S. Citizenship Interview!

Jul 20, 2020

Dr. Patricia Hernandez and Jennifer Gagliardi start with a shortened USCIS N-400 interview which focuses on difficult Part 12 vocabulary.

07/18/2020 Agenda:

Practice Interview
Don’t just say NO!
7 simple definitions for some new Vocabulary
New Citizenship Resource: Voices of Freedom ebook
USCIS San Jose Webinar (and more info about USCIS outreach)
More info about immigration scams
Migration Policy Institute Webinar
Good News! DACA and ICE Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announcement

What's happening with the USCIS Openings? Week 6

Video with audio (40 min +) 

Video with slides only, no audio (4 min)

Seven Part 12 simple definitions 

Watch video: 


N-400 Part 12 playlist (16 videos) 

Voices of Freedom Digital Book and Audio  

Upcoming Local Engagements 

Good Info about Scams: Fotonovelos Notario scams (English) Estafas de Notario (Spanish) 

More Info: uscitizenpod’s US scams playlist 

07/16 Migration Policy Institute Webinar

A Rockier Road to U.S. Citizenship? Findings of a Survey on Changing Naturalization Procedures 

A Bumpy Path to U.S. Citizenship: A Survey of Changing USCIS Practices (video)