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12 Citizenship Study Tips from US CITIZENSHIP BOOTCAMP

01. The USCIS N-400: Download the USCIS N-400 Application for Naturalization from Fill it out. (Don't fill in your SSN on your practice copy). Study the questions, the key vocabulary, and your answers.

02. USCIS Social Media: Follow & on Facebook and Twitter.

03. The USCIS Citizenship Resource Center: Try all of the USCIS English and Civics tests resources at

04. Flash Cards: Download the USCIS Civics and English flash cards. Review the citizenship vocabulary sets on Quizlet.

05. Videos: Check out the new USCIS: Civics Playlist which has one video for each question. Follow-up by watching all the videos and take all the quizzes from Preparing for the Oath. Also look for videos of mock citizenship interviews on YouTube.

06. Study-Buddy: Find a "study-buddy." Meet regularly. If you can't meet in person, use Skype or Facetime for 15 minutes every day. Ask each other the N-400 and civics questions.

07. Citizenship Class: Go to a citizenship class at your local adult school, library, church, or community center. If there is no class, start a self-study group. Students learn more by talking and working with each other.

08. Online Classes via your Library Card: Ask your local library for access to subscription databases that offer free online Citizenship classes via your library card. For example: Pronunciator's ProCitizen is similar to Preparing for the Oath; and Learning Express has Citizenship Classes in English and Spanish. Be careful: these online classes focus on the civics questions and you must also learn about the N-400.

09. Family Literacy: Check out age-appropriate books and DVDs from the library about US history and civics and read or watch them with your kids. For adult and children’s books about the naturalization process, see SCCL’s Citizenship Resources.

10. Family Fun: Take your kids to National Parks and local historical sites. While visiting the parks, look for Geocache treasures or Pokémon Go critters. Extend the fun by putting together jigsaw puzzles which feature great American landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, or maps of the Fifty States.

11. More English! If you need more help with your English, check out the resources on VOA Learning English, Cambridge Ventures Arcade, or the uscitizenpod's Citizenship Resources. Or sign up for an ESL or English conversation class.

12. US Citizenship Podcast: Check out my blog at every day for new citizenship resources. You can also download the free US Citizenship Podcast app for iPhone/iPad: or Android: or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes: and most importantly, practice the dialogues in this book.

--excerpt from US Citizenship Bootcamp: Exercises and Quizzes to Pass the Naturalization Interview by Jennifer Gagliardi (Author)

US Citizenship Bootcamp is available from:
Amazon Kindle
Apple iBook
Barnes & Noble Nook
and other ebook retailers for $2.99
Or ask you library to a order a copy for their ebook collection.

Good Luck! I know that you will be a great American Citizen!




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Ten citizenship questions in Honor of LGBT Pride Month

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PDF of blog post  Recursos de Ciudadanía en Español updated 06/17/2016

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The N-400r was revised and re-organized April 13, 2016. Part 11 Addition Info (Affiliations, War Crimes, Good Moral Character, attachment to the Constitution) is now Part 12.

Here is an updated overview quiz (27 questions) about the new Part 12.

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The N-400r was revised and re-organized April 13, 2016. Part 11 Addition Info (Affiliations, War Crimes, Good Moral Character, attachment to the Constitution) is now Part 12.

Here is an updated introductory quiz (20 questions) about the new Part 12.

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The N-400r was revised and re-organized April 13, 2016.  Part 11 Addition Info (Affiliations, War Crimes, Good Moral Character, attachment to the Constitution) is now Part 12.  Here is an updated overview of the new Part 12.

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STUDY UP for the USCIS Civics and History with these resources from USCIS and the Smithsonian American History Museum.

Remember, you will only be asked 10 out of the 100 Questions.  Don't forget to study the N-400--you will be asked 20 to 70 questions.

USCIS Lesson Plans are available at

Preparing the Oath:

Wait!  There’s more….

Preparing for the Oath: Links List: Individual links for each video

Preparing for the Oath: Lessons Plans based on the videos

Preparing for the Oath: Transcripts of the Videos

Need help with vocabulary?  Check out Preparing for The Oath Word List


(revised 6/13/2016 10:30 PRT)

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by all Muslims as a month of prayer and fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. Because Muslims follow a lunar calendar, the month of Ramadan changes. Ramadan 2016 began in the evening of Sunday, June 5 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, July 5. Peace!

This quiz is dedicated to Mohammed’s faithful daughters: Minire Karamanaga, Tasleem Khaldoon, Humaira Saleem, Munni Thankkar, and Kalsoom Bibi of Milpitas, CA. You are all (or soon will be) great American citizens!

The source for much of this quiz was

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