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Get ready for your U.S. Citizenship Interview!

Jan 31, 2017

Happy New Year! Happy New US Citizen! Here Is our second citizenship quiz in honor of the Lunar New Year.

pdf: A Citizenship Quiz in Honor of the Lunar New Year Part 2

Citizenship Resources for Lunar New Year


Questions and Answers

1. We elect a U.S. Representative for how...

Jan 24, 2017

Beginning Citizenship Interview Quiz based on the N-400 Plus Updates to the USCIS Civics Questions: 20, 23, 28, 29, 43, 46 and more!
Quiz pdf: 

Based on uscitizenpod’s N-400 Beginning Interview (1 pg, 10qs) (updated 04/18/2016)

Jan 16, 2017

14 USCIS Questions in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This quiz matches 14 USCIS civics questions with speeches and events from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who worked for equality for all Americans and for all those who thirst for peace and justice throughout the world.


Jan 9, 2017

A Casual Citizenship Interview with Mrs Chen (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

After the interview, Mrs Chen and I talk about the Taiwanese language and the importance of passing on our language and heritage to our children.

You can dowload pdfs of the interview and quiz at

A "Casual" Citizenship Interview Based on...

Jan 3, 2017

Is your goal to become an American citizen?  Study up by listening to this mock citizenship interview between Officer Michaelson and Gabby from Norway. 

You can download the script and practice with friends and family

  • A “Typical” Citizenship Interview Based on the USCIS N-400r (4 pages)